A Trusted Intellectual Property Agency
A Trusted Intellectual Property Agency

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Beijing Joyshine Intellectual Property Office

   Beijing Joyshine Intellectual Property Office, the former Patent Agency of Peking University, was founded in 1985 and is one of the first patent agencies approved by the Patent Office of China. Joyshine is now a foreign-related patent agency designated by the State Intellectual Property Office (SIPO) of China, a collective member of All-China Patent Agents Association (ACPAA). Joyshine is also a trademark agency registered with the State Trademark Office of China. Joyshine looks forward to providing our clients with legal services in the field of intellectual property rights, including patent application, trademark registration, copyright registration, anti-unfair competition, customs protection of intellectual property, and the transaction of intellectual property. 

    Joyshine also serves as the teaching and research center of intellectual property for Peking University and engages in academic research, professional training, and the development of international communication in the field of intellectual property. For many years, the center has produced several volumes of professional books on intellectual property, published hundreds of theses, developed skills in intellectual property research and practice, formed many extensive and influential international exchange conventions, and helped establish Peking University’s School of Intellectual Property. 

    Joyshine is comprised of several departments which supervise the areas of administration, patent application, trademark registration, legal affairs, foreign related affairs and communications. Joyshine enjoys a team of professional staff which represents some of the most talented graduates of Peking University who specialize in various fields including communication technology, information technology, biology, chemistry, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, physics, medicine, and law. The great majority of our professionals have extensive background in both technology and law, in addition to a high degree of proficiency in foreign languages.

    Protecting wisdom and safeguarding civilization has always been the aim of Joyshine. At Joyshine, we always put the client first and offer meticulous, professional and highly effective services. Joyshine looks forward to using its years of accumulated experience, knowledge and skill to provide honest, comprehensive and effective quality services for the creators and holders of intellectual property with the help of modern offices, computerized process and quality control, and full file-management systems.