A Trusted Intellectual Property Agency
A Trusted Intellectual Property Agency



Beijing Joyshine Intellectual Property Office

Services Concerning Patent Matters
          Prosecution of Chinese patent applications for invention, utility model and design
          Registration of Hong Kong standard patent, and filing of short-term patent and design in Hong Kong
          Patent tracking and consultation
          Translation of technical documents
          Patent reexamination and invalidation
          Patent annuity payment
          Patent inspection and supervision

Services Concerning Trademark Matters
           Trademark search
           Prosecution of Chinese trademark registration
           Opposition to trademark applications, review of refusals, petition for the cancellation of improperly registered trademarks
           Extension, transfer, modification and cancellation of trademarks
           Recording of trademark licenses
           Translation of trademark related documents
           Trademark inspection and supervision
           Reissuing of trademark registration

Services Concerning Copyright Matters

           Application and extension for computer software copyright registration
           Contract registration for transfers of computer software copyrights
           Registration of special permit for computer software copyrights
           Registration of modifications and supplements of computer copyrights
           Copyright registration for every type of publication
           Registration of mortgages of copyrights for every type of publication
           Publication of foreign registration for audio-visual equipment

Other IP Legal Services
           Consultation on IP related laws
           IP contracts drafting and reviewing
           IP infringement analysis
           IP litigation
           IP arbitration
           IP legal counseling services
           Administrative protection of intellectual property
           Registration of integrated circuit layout designs
           Domain name dispute
           Intellectual property trade